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When you have a leak in your home or business you need experts in leak detection. Whether it’s water, gas or sewer leaks we have the knowledge and expertise to find and fix your problem quickly.

When you have a leak there are many questions that arise such as how will this leak be fixed? Can it be fixed? How long will it take? What is the process? Below are some descriptions and insight into these situations.

Water / Slab Leaks


Water leaks can be easy to find if the leak is above ground. The water will usually soak into drywall, carpet, hardwood floors etc. Slab leaks can also cause visible water damage but sometimes present themselves with a hot floor or a high water bill.

When it comes to slab leaks, our goal is to create minimal damage when finding and fixing the problem. A re-routing of a water line can take 2-4 hours. To completely eliminate the possibility of another slab leak we can re-route all water pipes in one day which is highly recommended. We have been fixing water leaks for over 15 years. Call today and take advantage of our re-pipe and leak detection coupons.

Gas Leaks

Gas leaks are usually found by odor. If a gas company employee comes across a leak at your home or business they will shut off the gas at the meter and leave a tag notifying you of the situation. When you smell gas or receive this tag call us immediately and we will have your gas back on in no time.

Sewer / Drain Leaks

You may start to notice a slow drain, gurgling toilets or funny smell. A sewer leak can be a disaster and for this situation you need professionals that can get your home or business up and running again. If the leak is obvious we will start by cleaning up the affected area. If the leak is more concealed we have a camera and locating equipment to pinpoint the problem. Make the call today if you have a sewer leak or suspect you might have one.


Infrared, Acoustic, Ultrasonic, Electronic Detector

Summary Of All Service Plumbers Drain And Hydro-Jet Leak Detection Services In case you have a leak with your plumbing, but you cannot find its exact location, you may want to make contact with a professional plumber to assist you. Small leaks can result in significant problems like dryrot and mold, issues that might lead to substantial repairs that may be expensive. The company that you just choose needs to be known for their competency, as well as the low prices that they can charge for services. Is an overview of the leak detection services made available from All Service Plumbers Drain and Hydro-Jet, a reliable company you could trust. This business continues to be providing plumbing services since 1995 in the L . A . and Orange County area. One of their specialities is having the capacity to detect difficult to find leaks. These could be below your sink, with your walls, or even in the basement area. There are many varieties of leaks that you might have including gas leakage and sewer leaks. They already have the various tools and expertise to discover them quickly. They could also fix the leaks soon after their detection, allowing you to prevent potentially hazardous situations from occurring. Three Several Types Of Leaks That You May Have The most typical form of leak that households may have come from water. If above ground, they are really easy to detect. You will see puddles of water, or where water has soaked into hardwood floors, carpet, or perhaps drywall. However, you might also have slab leaks from the basement area. Gas leaks are detected due to unique odor they will have. They can turn off your gas and quickly resolved the issue. Finally, drain leaks and difficulties with your sewer pipes can be occurring. They are able to locate these leaks by smell, or simply by using a specialized camera that will help them find the exact location from the leak in minutes. Other Services Available From ASP All Service Plumbers Drain And Hydro-Jet Leak Detection is a multifaceted business, competent at supplying you with many different services on the same visit. Together with leak detection services they may provide drain cleaning, hot water heater repairs and installations, and re-piping services if that is needed. They do both residential and commercial plumbing, and are also capable of doing trenchless sewer repair. Hydro jetting, in addition to septic to sewer conversions, are a few a lot of the many services that they offer. In case you have never heard about ASP before, you need to know that this really is a company that you can trust. Why You Can Rely On This Company To Accomplish This Meet Your Needs You can rely on that it company, which happens to be LA city bonded, to do their work correctly at the first try. In addition they guarantee all the work that they do for his or her clients, irrespective of how many projects they can be taking care of. ASP provides 24/7 emergency services, as well as same-day service if it is exactly what you want. They have leak detection and re-piping coupons to assist you to save money, in the mean time providing the best plumbing services in the marketplace. The Best Way To Set A Consultation With This Particular Company You are able to call their toll-free number which can be listed on their website, or send them a message should you prefer. A friendly representative will consult with you, helping you to tell them what exactly is happening, for them to dispatch one of their plumbers to your location. If you are setting up a scheduled appointment for an inspection later in the week, or if you require emergency services now, they should be able to give you a hand when needed. Their services are affordable, causing them to be one of several top choices for people and businesses residing in Orange County and LA. Should you need an emergency plumber, or if you want to plan a time for you to repair a plumbing related issue, contact ASP today. Take advantage of their discount offers, in addition to their friendly service, so you can handle your plumbing problems. If you need to put in a hot water heater, or convert your septic system towards the city sewer lines, they may have done all this and a lot more. If you absolutely have a leak, call All Service Plumbers Drain And Hydro-Jet now to schedule a consultation to take advantage of their leak detection services.
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