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Our Plumbing Services Are you living or working in the Los Angeles County or Orange County areas? Is there water flowing there in places where it should not be? If it is you need to contact the local plumbers who can come out fast and get things fixed. All Service Plumbing is ready to take your calls or emails now. We will come out and fix things right up for you! Read more about the services that we offer our clients. We promise that we will do our work at an affordable price. We always pride ourselves on the good work that we do. We also love Angie’s List reviews and feedback left for us by our other customers whom we have helped at home and at work. Drain Cleaning: A lot of customers do not call on us for emergencies, but they rely on us to do preventative work. One important job is that of drain cleaning. Regular drain cleanings in the kitchen, the bathroom, tub, shower and mainline will help clogs from forming. Clogs can lead to bigger problems later. Get drain cleanings so your fixtures drain fast without any odors. Hydro Jetting: Forget hiring plumbers that use cable snakes. We clean out the inside of your pipes using high-pressure water at 4000 PSI to clean things out and restore the flow. This pressure emulsifies grease and cuts out any tree roots that have started growing in the sewer line. 24 Hour Emergency Plumber: We know that things like burst pipes, leaky toilets, and sewer line backups never happen on a schedule convenient for you. There are times where you can cut off the water supply, clean up the mess and wait until the next morning to call for help. There are also times where you cannot stop what is happening and you need a plumber’s help right away. With our help you will not need to stop your work, your business will not need to close and no one will get sick. We are here for you every hour of the day, every day of the week to help you with any emergencies that arise. Trenchless Sewer Repair: When a sewer line gets backed up it can happen outside the home but it can also make its presence known inside as well. You will notice it by the smell coming you’re your drains as well as other symptoms that indicate it is happening. This is a job most people dread calling for help about because it means digging up a trench and having the yard ruined for a while. We have modern techniques that allow us to fix your sewer line without digging a trench. We save you money and your yard! Leak Detection: You may know that there is a problem but you need a professional to figure out where that problem is! When it comes to water, gas or sewer leaks, you may know which one you have, but you need help finding it. Call us and we will come out to determine what is happening and where. We will also give you a complete, honest quote so you can find out what it will cost to fix everything. The leak should be the only thing to surprise you that day! Water Heater Repairs And Installations: If you have problems with your water heater, we can tell you if it is fixable or not. We tell you honestly if you should fix it or if it is better for you to have it replaced. Re-piping: There are times where homes and buildings last a lot longer than the pipes inside them do. Is your water murky? Is the house experiencing slab leaks or water pressure? Are you getting scalded in the shower if someone flushes the toilet? It could be time for a re-piping! We do this using copper pipes or pex pipes, a cheaper alternative which is as durable as copper. Commercial Plumbing: We answer calls from more than just homeowners. We provide our plumbing services to commercial customers, too. So, whether you are upgrading a facility or warehouse or building a new one, contact us for help. If you need emergency service, we are ready to help you fast! Find out how we can help you. We work fast to get your business back up and running fast. We make sure to work with insurance plans when we can and always do this without eating into your budget. If You Need Us, Contact Us! Do you need emergency plumbing service right now for your commercial property or your home? Do you have a deadline you must meet and need our help? Then give us a call now at 888-300-9648. If you have a moment to spare, feel free to look at our website. You can use the online form to request more information or get a free, no-obligation consultation for the work you need. We also have specials and coupons online so take a look now to find the service you need for your Southern California home or business.

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