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Our Plumbing Service Can Assist You Is your home or business located in Southern California? Do you have water building up or flowing in an area of your property where it should not be? Or do you not have any water flowing, when you most definitely should? If you are experiencing these issues, All Service Plumbing is the agency you should contact to come out and assist you. Read on to learn a bit about the various services that we offer. We're happy to guarantee the best work at an affordable rate, and we're proud of our Angie's List reviews and feedback -- we like knowing that we've assisted our customers with plumbing issues with their businesses and homes! Cleaning Drains: Often, our clients don't call us because of an existing emergency, but instead to prevent one from developing. Taking time on a regular basis to clean the mainline drains for your home, as well as the drains for your shower, bathroom, kitchen, and bath tub can help reduce the chances of clogs forming, which can lead to serious issues down the road. The cleaning will help keep your drains flowing at appropriate speeds, smelling good, and looking clean. Hydro Jetting: Don't make the mistake of using a plumber that still uses outdated cable-snake technology. Instead, let us clean the inside of your pipes with water pressure up to 4,000 PSI to restore the flow and clear out the pipes completely. That level of pressure will remove grease clogs, but it's also strong enough to cut away tree roots that could be growing in your pipes or sewer line. Emergency Plumbing Services: A backed up sewer line, leaking toilet, or broken pipe never shows up at a convenient time, which, realistically is never. Occasionally you may be able to turn off the water supply, clean up the mess, and just wait until morning to call a professional. However, there are other times when you can't stop what's happening on your own, and you need a plumbing professional immediately to fix things so that no one gets sick, your business isn't forced to close, and your property isn't damaged. Our services are available around the clock, seven days a week, and we're always on stand by to help with emergencies, as events like this don't care what time it is or what day of the week it is. Trenchless Sewer Repair: A backed up sewer line may happen outside your house, but make itself known inside your house by an awful smell coming from your drains, as well as many other unpleasant symptoms. Many homeowners have learned to dread calling a professional to fix it, however, as for years it's meant having the trench re-dug and tearing up an entire section of the yard. New technology lets us fix your sewer line, now, without damaging your yard much at all in the process, so don't be afraid to make that call when you need to. Leak Detection: Occasionally you don't need someone to determine that you have a problem, but you do need them to find it for you. It's possible that you have a sewer, gas, or water leak, but are unable to find it on your own. Contact us and we'll assist you, helping you determine what's happening and where, so that repairs can begin. We're also happy to give you a complete, honest, quote about how much the repairs will cost before we begin work, because the leak itself is the only surprise you should have to deal with. Repairing and Installing Water Heaters: If you are having problems with your hot water heater, we'll let you know if we can help you repair it. We can also honestly advise you if you should bother fixing it, or if it makes more sense big picture to just go ahead and replace it. Replacing Pipes: Buildings and houses sometimes last far longer than their plumbing was ever intended to. If you get roasted alive in the shower when someone flushes the toilet, if your water is cloudy, if you have low water pressure, or if your slab leaks, it may be time to consider a total redo. We can accomplish this for you with copper pipes or with pex pipe, which is less expensive, yet still quite durable. Commercial Plumbing Services: We don't just respond to plumbing requests for residential plumbing customers. We're also happy to assist commercial clients. Whether you're putting in a new building, upgrading an existing one, or have an emergency plumbing need, call us to learn how we can assist you to get your business back to normal functioning, while saving you as much money as possible. We're also happy to work with your insurance provider. Call Us When You Need Us Do you have a deadline looming or need emergency plumbing assistance? Contact us today at xxx xxx xxxx. If you're not in a hurry, you can take a look at our website at your convenience, then fill out a request form for a consultation. You can also find a list of our services, as well as current sales and specials.

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