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Learn About Many Services That All Service Plumbing Can Provide For You Do you live or work in Southern California? Do you have leaks or flowing water in your business or home? Or maybe you have the opposite problems where you need water to flow. If your answer is yes to one of these questions, All Service Plumbing is a service provider you need to email or call to assist you in correcting these issues. Carry on reading below to find out about some of the important services we have on offer. We also guarantee top-rated services at competitive prices. We are also very proud of our positive reviews and feedback on Angie’s List that we have received from many of our previous customers, where we have helped many businesses and homes in the area. Drain Cleaning Many of our clients do not use us just for an emergency but rather to assist in preventing them. Drain cleaning procedures conducted regularly in the bathroom, kitchen, and shower, along with the mainline drains can assist in minimizing blockages or clogged up drains that often lead to backing things up. Your different fixtures will be able to carry on draining at a great speed, while looking and smelling great. Hydro Jetting Avoid the plumbers that still use cable-snake technology. Our plumbers clean out the interior of the pipes in your home with high pressured water to really clear everything out along with restoring normal water flow. We use a pressure of up to 4,000 PSI which is high enough to emulsify grease along with cutting away any tree roots that have grown into the sewer line. 24 Hour Emergency Plumber A backed-up sewer line, leaking toilets and burst pipes usually occur at the most inconvenient time. In some cases it may be possible to shut-off your water supply, followed by cleaning up the mess and then waiting till the following morning to call a plumber out. In other instances, it is impossible to stop the flowing water in your personal capacity and you will need a professional plumber to come out immediately in order to repair things at either your place of business or in your home. You also want to avoid people getting sick, and the costly repairs of water damage to your business or home. Our services are available 24 hours a day and we are always ready to assist you in dealing with an emergency when you need us the most. Trenchless Sewer Repairs A backed-up sewer line usually occurs outside the home, but the problems caused by a back-up usually effect the inside of your home, due to the rotten smells which comes out of the drains, along with other issues associated with this problem. Most homeowners dread having to call a plumber out due to previous years where it would mean having to dig the trenches up to find the pipes and destroying half of your yard in the process. Thanks to the latest technology, it is now possible for us to repair sewer lines without having to dig up and destroy your yard. Leak Detections In some cases you won’t need a plumber to solve a problem, but rather to locate it. Regardless of whether it is a sewer, gas or water leak, you may know about what type of leak it is, but you are unable to locate it. Give our experts a call and our technicians will gladly pay your property a visit to find out where the leak is and how to fix it. We will offer you with an honest and comprehensive quote which will give you an accurate idea of what it is going to cost for the repairs, before you give us the go ahead to start. Water Heater Installations And Repairs If you are experiencing a problem with the water heater in your home, we are professionals when it comes to letting you know if we are able to repair it. We will tell you honestly if it is worth repairing the water heater or whether it is in your best interests to replace it. Re-Piping In some cases buildings and homes outlast the pipes located inside. If the water in your home or business has become murky, you might have low water-pressure or slab leaks, or you burn while showering if someone else in the home flushes a toilet. If you are experiencing any of these issues you may need to re-pipe your home. We conduct these services using copper piping or if you are looking for a cheaper alternative we can use pex pipe which is as functional and durable as the copper piping. Commercial Plumbing Our services extend past just our residential customers. We also offer the above-mentioned services and a whole lot more to our commercial customers. Regardless of whether you are upgrading your warehouse or building, or you are building a new business premises, or you are faced with an emergency, contact us today so that we can efficiently and professionally get you back to business. We work with most of the insurance plans, which may mean you won’t need to pay us at all. Contact Us When You Need Professional Plumbing Services If you require a same-day plumbing service when you are faced with an urgent emergency or you have a deadline that is looming call us at (888) 300-9648. If you are not rushed feel free to go through our website and then complete the online request form to receive an obligation-free, no-cost consultation or to find out more information. On our website you will also find any current specials and coupons along with all our other services that you may require for your Southern California business or home.

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