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Sewer Repair

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At All Service Plumbing we do more than just clean drains. We specialize in Sewer Repair and Rehabilitation. Here are some common reasons why we would recommend repair or rehabilitation:

  • Broken, cracked, offset, or collapsed pipes: Damaged pipes due to shifting or soil setting.
  • Blockage: Grease build up or a foreign object restricting or prohibiting proper flow or cleaning of line.
  • Corrosion: Pipe has deteriorated and or broke causing collapse in the line and restricting flow.
  • Bellied Pipe: A section of the pipe has sunk due to ground or soil conditions, creating a valley that collects paper and waste.
  • Leaking Joints: Seals between pipes have broken, allowing water and waste to escape into the surrounding area
  • Root Infiltration: Tree or shrub roots have invaded the sewer line, preventing normal cleaning and damaging the sewer line.

Why Trenchless Sewer Repair?

Trenchless sewer repairs offer a number of useful advantages over traditional, digging-intensive approaches to fixing sewer problems:

  • Less lawn and landscape damage. Many homeowners put a lot of love and dedication into maintaining lush green lawns and beautiful gardens, which sewer repair trenches can quickly destroy. Trenchless repairs eliminate this problem.
  • Simpler process for contractors. Trench digging is a notoriously labor-intensive process, requiring significant manpower and physical strain. For sewer repair professionals, trenchless techniques are simpler to perform, as well as less time-consuming.
  • No risk of driveway and concrete damage. When sewer lines are located below a driveway, patio, or another section of concrete, trench-based sewer repair can be seriously disruptive, and lead to significant costs to replace sections of your driveway after the repairs. This isn’t a problem with trenchless techniques.

Pipe Bursting

The basics of pipe bursting are straightforward. The pipe bursting system is dedicated equipment and there are contractors who specialize in pipe bursting as a trenchless means of pipe replacement.

  • Push the rod of a pipe-bursting system into the existing pipe. Attach bursting blades to the end of the rod and add an expander, which may be as much as 30 percent larger than the new pipe’s outside diameter, to the pipe bursting system’s rod.
  • Connect the new pipe to the expander.
  • Pull the rod back through the pipe, drawing the bursting blades through the old pipe, breaking it up. The expander, which immediately follows the bursting blades as they are pulled through the old pipe, expands the burst pipe, pushing its fragments into the surrounding earth. The new pipe is attached to, pulled by and follows the expander through the length of the existing bore.

When the bursting blades and expander leave the bore, the new pipe is in place, waiting to be connected to the appropriate service.
Pipe bursting is appropriate when a trenchless means of replacing an aging or damaged pipeline is desirable. The need for geological investigation is minimal, if any investigation is required at all.
Because pipe bursting supplants the existing pipe with new pipe as the existing pipe is destroyed, and because there’s no need to remove or dispose of the failed pipe, project time and cost is likewise minimized.

CIPP Relining. Commonly referred to as Trenchless Sewer Lining or Sewer Sleeve:

Cure-in-place pipe (CIPP) relining is one of the most common trenchless sewer repair techniques that we use at All Service Plumbers Drain and Hydro-Jet. It’s great for fixing cracks, leaks, and other imperfections in residential and commercial sewer laterals, as well as larger municipal sewer main lines. It can also be used in underground drain pipes and water mains.
CIPP drain and sewer relining allows us to install a durable liner that patches holes and cracks inside of a buried pipe, without needing to dig a trench for access. For sewer lines, the process can be completed through manholes and sewer cleanouts.
Using a pneumatic bladder, we insert a flexible resin-coated liner that can be cured and hardened in place using hot water, steam, or UV light. Once in place, CIPP liners can last for decades.

Why choose All Service Plumbing to handle your Sewer Repair? We are the best in the industry. We are Licensed and Bonded with the City of Los Angeles to handle Engineering grade sewer rehabilitation.

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What Goes On Whenever You Ignore Sewer Cleaning And Repair?

Until you have your emergency plumber on speed dial, odds are, you rarely think about the current state of your respective plumbing. Unfortunately, ignorance isn’t bliss, and skipping sewer cleaning and sewer repair services can mean costly injury to your house.

What Goes On In The Event You Ignore Your Sewer Line?

Similar to almost every other aspect of your home plumbing, your sewer lines are essential to the functioning and proper upkeep of your property. It is mainly responsible for connecting your toilet and draining sewage water in to the proper sewer line. This scenario is if your primary lines are attached to those of the county’s or city’s sewer line. However, in rural areas, the key sewer line is replaced from the septic tank.

Whatever the system you might have set up, it’s crucial to keep an eye on your plumbing pipes. Whether copper or PVC, plumbing pipes don’t last forever, no matter how durable they appear. Settling earth and inclement weather can all have a negative effect on your sewer line and cause plumbing problems to advance at alarming rates.

Another very common condition with sewer lines is clogging. If foreign objects are flushed across the toilet, they might find yourself clogging the sewer line. These larger blockages can increase over time if not properly addressed and bring about water backing up.

Common Problems A Result Of Faulty Sewer Lines

Sewer cleaning and repair services are very important in ensuring the health of your home’s sewer line. Without these regular services, you could face serious consequences of your own ignorance and plenty of things can take place:

*You cannot utilize your plumbing.

When you have a blockage or a leak with your main sewer line, you can’t properly make use of your toilet or shower. That means going without water for the day or more before you have the capability to call an unexpected emergency plumber.

*You subject your family members to potential side effects.

Whenever there’s a blockage within your main sewer line, you manage the risk of waste water coming back again up and leaking to your home. This will cause bacteria along with other toxins to get into your own home and eventually, get released into your air. This could exacerbate a number of health issues and cause your family members to fall ill.

*Your home may suffer costly damage.

Unlike other household problems, every time you possess a sewer line plumbing issue, you run the chance of permanently damaging your property. From waste water flooding the premises to actual structural damage, ignoring the necessity of your sewer line upkeep may cause more problems than homeowners often think!

The Conclusion

Usually, it is easy to spot if you can find issues in your plumbing line. You will recognize that your drain is just too slow, a pungent foul odor lingers within the air, water is backing up inside your tub or sink, and the greenery in your yard is seemingly more lush.

Even though you only have suspicions with regards to a plumbing problem, be sure you call a professional contractor. Handling the issue before it gets more severe can save you cash on potentially costly repairs!

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