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Traditional tank water heaters. Most water heaters in Southern California are natural gas. In some areas they are powered by electricity or propane. They range in all sizes from point of use to 100 gallons. In a residential home the most common sizes are 30, 40, 50, and 75 gallons. Most water heater installations are about 1-2 hours from start to finish and we can usually replace it the same day. We are committed to providing excellent service by making sure all water heaters are strapped properly and safe for your family or business.

Tankless Water Heaters


Endless hot water is no longer a dream, it can be your reality. Tankless water heaters provide endless hot water heater to your home so you can treat yourself to a long shower anytime you want. They are also energy efficient so you only use energy when you are running hot water. Traditional water heaters heat the tank constantly whether you are running hot water or not. The government currently provides tax rebates and incentives for installing a tankless water heater in your home so call today for a free estimate.

Commercial Water Headers

The hot water demands of an apartment, motel, hotel, restaurant or commercial building are much greater than residential homes. We can install any commercial water heater including 88,000 btu, 199,000 btu, 399,000 btu, or custom boilers at your property. Our highly trained and experienced technicians are ready when your commercial water heater needs service or needs to be replaced.

Water Heater Installation Videos

If you are going to install a water heater in your home, you may wonder if this is going to be different from the one that you need at your commercial place of business. Commercial water heaters and standard water heaters can be very different. Part of those differences may have to do with their size, capacity, and their ability to produce substantial amounts of hot water. They may also be powered differently, depending upon what type of energy consumption they are designed to use. Let’s go over the differences between water heaters that are used in residential homes and those that will be installed at commercial businesses. There are 5 different types of water heaters that most people are familiar with. There are the standard tank water heaters, those that will maintain a particular temperature for the water that will be dispersed. The second type are tankless water heaters which will heat the water on demand. Finally, water heaters are typically powered by propane or electricity, but the newest ones actually use renewable energy such as those that are powered by solar panels. There are two others which will include a hybrid water heater, one that uses a heat pump, and a condensing water heater. Now that you know about the five different types of water heaters, let’s discuss which ones will be used in residential homes and those which will more commonly be installed in commercial structures.


Most residential homes will have 4 of the 5 water heaters that have been presented. This will include the standard water heaters that have a tank, on demand water heaters, condensing and solar powered water heaters that will use either solar panels or solar arrays. For those that are on a budget, water heaters with a tank are the most common. If you use on demand water heaters, these typically cost 3 to 4 times as much money for your initial investment, but they can help you save a considerable amount of money on electricity or propane because they are only used when needed. Condensing water heaters use natural gas which might be less expensive than using those that use electricity from the local power company. This is why many people have switched over to solar powered water heaters that will effectively use no electricity at all because it is produced by the solar panels or solar array.


The water heaters that are used in commercial buildings can be any of the five h20 heaters that have been mentioned. The main difference is going to be their size and capacity. If you are going to use a conventional water heater, it will likely have a tank that is 100 gallons or more. If you use and in demand liquid heater, these will be designed in a much larger size so they can produce more water on demand. The same is true for condensing and solar powered water heaters. In each and every case, the main difference is the size and capability of the water heater itself. The only other difference will be a hybrid water heater which is activated by a heat pump. The water heater that is the most popular, or at least the one that most people would like to have, is the in demand water heater option. Since you are only using the system to produce hot water when it is needed, your energy bill is going to be extremely low. When combined with a solar panel, or a series of solar arrays, you can run multiple on-demand or tankless water heaters. The energy will be produced and stored throughout the day, and when someone turns on the hot water, the electricity will be delivered through the solar panel apparatus and battery, completely eliminating any use of electricity to turn them on. On-Demand Water Heaters is another name for this.

Heat Pump Water Heater

There are certain companies that are much more popular than others when it comes to residential water heaters. There are four that far surpass all of their competitors. The first is called the Rheem RTE 13 Electric Tankless Water Heater, one of the most efficient on-demand water heaters ever made. The second is the Hybrid Bosch GL4S Ariston. Next is the Takagi indoor heat appliance, one that is powered by natural gas. Finally, Ecosmart ECO 18 is another economically friendly water heater that is also tankless.

Solar Powered

There are 4 very popular commercial water heater that you may want to consider installing in your office building. The first is the Rheem G75-75N. This is a 75 gallon water heater that uses natural gas. The second is the Rheem G100-200, a 100 gallon water heater, that also uses natural gas to power it. Finally, there is the 100 gallon Rheem GHE100-200. Finally, there is the tankless Rinnai RUC98iN Ultra Series. Although it is an on-demand water heater, like all of the others, it is powered by natural gas as well. Why Do Commercial Water Heaters Primarily Use Natural Gas? In a commercial building, you will be using far more water than you would in a single residential home. That is why the tankless water heater is larger, and the ones with tanks have a capacity for 75 gallons to 100 gallons on average. One of the reasons that they may use natural gas is that, by comparison, it may be cheaper to use natural gas then pay for the installation of a solar panel array to power the systems. The other possibility is that the manufacturers have not taken this additional step. The demand for residential water heaters is likely much greater, which is why there is such a heavy emphasis on tankless water heater that do use solar energy.


All of the major water heater manufacturers will run specials from time to time. These are sold by different stores around the world. It is important to be on newsletters that are sent out regularly by these companies by doing so, you can be alerted to coupons or promo codes when they are running special offers. In many cases, the special offer will only last for a day or two, or until the ones that are on sale are gone. That’s why you must be subscribed to many different newsletters from major companies that sell these products, giving you the best chance of taking advantage of these discounted prices.

Instant Hot Systems

Now that you know that both residential and commercial structures use similar water heating appliances, you can now begin to evaluate the ones that have been listed. Whether you need one or more of these water heaters, you will know that they are all energy efficient, regardless of the type of energy input that is required to run them. It is recommended that you find tankless water heaters of possible as they will use less energy than all of the others. Additionally, you can find manufacturers of water heaters for both residential and commercial structures, try to find those that run on solar energy to eliminate your water heater utility costs in Tustin California. https://allserviceplumbers.com/water-heaters/
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